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Playing on more than one team - Players are allowed to play for one (1) organization only. If a player is caught playing for more than one organization, the first team, that can be verified, the player plays for is his official team. If a player participates for any other team, all teams that the player played with may forfeit their game(s) and the player will be ineligible to continue in the tournament for both teams.


There will be NO refunds issued for any team entries, general admission, parking etc. for any team, parent, players etc. for a team that is forfeited and/or disqualified from the tournament or game(s).


All decisions made by the director are final.


Players are allowed to play on two teams if they are for the same organization and in different divisions only.


• A player may not play on a gold & silver team within the same division.

• All players MUST be on the official rosters for the teams that they are playing on.


To play on Sunday, a player must have played on Saturday. The opposing coach must protest at the start of the game. (Exceptions to these rules may be allowed if arranged in advance with the tournament director)


OFFICIAL Rosters:  - ALL players to be eligible for tournament must be listed on the team’s OFFICIAL ROSTER. Birth certificates may not be checked at registration, but must be with the coach or team coordinator at all times and must be presented immediately to a tournament official if requested. Any team not having all the required paperwork could result in a forfeit of all games and no refunds will be issued for team entries, general admission, parking etc. 


A player is disqualified if they are not listed on the Official Roster at the time of check in, no exceptions. A team may be disqualified and may forfeit the game for using an ineligible player. Official rosters must be turned in before the start of their first game. Tournament Director has final say on all matters for player eligibility, forfeits, disqualifications etc. 


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